Watch all videos from the [UN]BLOCKED conference.

[ U N ] B L O C K E D is a joint initiative of the Cryptoeconomics Research Lab & the Regional Center of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development, of the Vienna University of Economics. The project aims to map potential use cases, global players & activities exploring the potential of blockchain technology to help address the UN SDGs.


Programming a Sustainable World

Helga Kromp-Kolb

Intro to the State of Sustainability

Shermin Voshmgir

Blockchain as a Game Changer

Rob Hopkins

Building Self-Sufficient Societies

Edgar Kampers

Building green, inclusive and prosperous Cities using Qoin

Houman Haddad

Humanitarian Aid on the Blockchain

Mario Dobrovnik

Blockchains in Logistics - Opportunities & Challenges

Angel Versetti

Supply Chain Management with Blockchain and IoT - Real Use Cases

Theresa Imre

markta: Short & Decentralised Supply Chains for Local Farmers

Elad Verbin

Privacy on the Blockchain

Mareen Gläske

The dxDAO - A community governed DAO for the DutchX

Griff Green

The Future of Crypto Donations: Realigning Incentives around the Commons

Omar Rahim

Tokenizing Energy Savings

Franz von Weizsäcker

Tokenizing CO2 – How DLTs can help reduce Carbon Emissions

Stephan Karpischek

Etherisc: Decentralized Insurance & How to Incentivise Risk Transfer?

Panel Discussion

Jason Slater, Giulia Moscardelli, Shermin Voshmgir, Houman Haddad, Jürgen Schneider



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